Periodical Shelving

Keep your magazines and newspapers neat and organized with various display options. Choose from built-in display shelving or utilize our acrylic storage options.



The magbox™ display started the revolution in periodical storage and display. Prominently display the current issue while collectively storing past issues right behind. Plus, adding magbox™ bins allow you to utilize shelves you already have.

  1. Crystal Clear Cast Acrylic
  2. Dividers keep magazines upright.
  3. Allows Usage of Standard Shelving
  4. Select Acrylic Items Available via QuickShip – Get it Within 7 Business Days!

Order Acrylics Now with QuickShip

Magbox and Magbrowz bins are available as part of our QuickShip program. Make your selection from the below items and we’ll ship it directly to you within 7 business days.


These stacked, acrylic, rotating holders allow for a clean, efficient way to utilize smaller spaces to display a large selection of magazines or books. Add multiple magStak™ browsers and build a destination within your library.

  1. Crystal Clear Cast
  2. Acrylic
  3. Optional Signage
  4. Support Treads Keep
  5. Materials in Place
  6. Smooth rotation for easy browsing
  7. Choose quantity for stacking
  8. Choice of height for modules


View some of our favorite examples from past projects.


Increase readership and circulation using these convenient face-out display shelves. These unique shelves have an opening at the bottom that allows the acrylic periodical holder to adjust and accommodate any thickness of materials.

  1. Crystal Clear Cast Acrylic
  2. Support fits into shelf to accommodate any number of items.


View some of our favorite examples from past projects.

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