Oregon Periodical Display

Create a dedicated periodical space complete with single-sided shelving and a comfy seating area. Your cantilever shelves can be fitted with periodical display shelves with Plexi-covers or utilize magbox™ bins. These durable acrylic bins display the current issue out front and store all past issues directly behind.

NOTE: The example shown was a custom order. You can order an item that fits these specifications, or we can customize this item to meet your specific needs. Customizations typically available include things like dimensions, materials, and colorization. Please contact us to find out how we can make this or a similar item for you.

Product Description

Below are the specifications for this specific item. Please contact us to find out what customizations are available.

  • Dimensions per Range: SF 66″H x 36″W x 14″D
  • Unit 1:
    • 5 Rows High
    • Shelves:
      • Base: 11″D Integral back Flat Base Shelf with Sliding Book Support
      • row 2-3: 11″D Integral Back Flat Shelf with Sliding Book Support
  • Unit 2:
    • Shelves: 11″D – Hinged Periodical Display Shelf w/ 2-Piece Plexi-Cover