Specialty Shelving

Fill spaces, add personality, or accommodate structural entities with specialty shelving. These pieces can be free-standing or have casters for easy mobility. The options are as vast as your imagination. From standard cube or rectangular shelves to those of your own unique design. Use these unique pieces to display special collections, showcase seasonal books, or create front-of-house interest.


The options are limitless when you build and design your own piece.
Below are some shelving options to consider:

  1. Materials
  2. Size and Shape
  3. Spine or Face-Out Display
  4. Removable Signage
  5. Custom End Panels
  6. Freestanding or Wall Mounted
  7. Color Customization
  8. Single or Double Faced
  9. Sloping Base Shelves
  10. Removable Sliding Book Supports
  11. Locking Casters
  12. Shelf Depth

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