Helen Plum Mobile Display Shelving

This great mobile display has a range of three units and is four rows high. All rows have a flat base shelf. Acrylic sign holders are also featured.

NOTE: The example shown was a custom order. You can order an item that fits these specifications, or we can customize this item to meet your specific needs. Customizations typically available include things like dimensions, materials, and colorization. Please contact us to find out how we can make this or a similar item for you.

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Product Description

Below are the specifications for this specific item. Please contact us to find out what customizations are available.

Dimensions: DF 54″H X 36″W X 8″/8″D

– 4 Rows High
– Base-Row 4: 8″D Flat Shelf with Cork Bottom Book Support
– Signage: 6″ High
– Casters
– End Panels: Reverse “A” Shape – 59″H X 35″W at Top, taper to 22″W at bottom, taper starts 12″ from bottom

– Steel Color: Standard White
– Back Panels: Standard White
– Front: Sandstone

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