Bettendorf Lounge Area

A cozy lounge area with two chairs, side table, and shelving units. Let your patrons browse current newspapers, which are conveniently displayed using the acrylic magbox™ for newspapers.

NOTE: The example shown was a custom order. You can order an item that fits these specifications, or we can customize this item to meet your specific needs. Customizations typically available include things like dimensions, materials, and colorization. Please contact us to find out how we can make this or a similar item for you.


Product Description

Below are the specifications for this specific item. Please contact us to find out what customizations are available.

Bettendorf Watson Lounge Chairs:

  • 33.25″W x 35.5″H x 36″D
  • Seat Height: 20″H
  • Fully upholstered
  • Vinyl: CF Stinson Criss Cross 2.0 – CRS 248 Red
  • Wood Stain: Light Oak

Bettendorf Round Derby Side Table:

  • 30″ Diameter x 18″H
  • HPL Top with 3mm PVC Edge
  • Single column x-Base with Adjustable Glides
  • HPL: Formica Amber Maple
  • PVC: Fusion Maple
  • Powdercoat: 809 Silver

Bettendorf Mobile A-Frame Display Shelves:

  • Dimensions: DF 42″H x 36″W x 15-3/4 – 15-3/4″D
  • 3 Rows High
  • 10″D Adjustable Shelves
  • Features Custom Frosted Acrylic with “Paper Cuts” Design
    • Dimensions: 44″H x 28″W @ base x 10″W @ top
    • Acrylic: 3-Form Varia
    • Color: PAPER CUT
    • Other: Partial Coverage / Frosted
  • Signage: 6″ High
  • Casters

Bettendorf Single-Faced Steel Shelving:

  • Dimensions: SF 66″H x 36″W x 11″D
  • 5 Rows High
  • Base 25° Sloping Base Shelf
  • Row 2 7° Sloping Shelf + Wire Divider
  • Row 3-5 10″D Adjustable Flat Integral Back Shelf
  • Signage: 6″ High
  • Frosted Acrylic End Panel
    • Flame-Polished Edges
    • Dimensions: 66.5″H x 13.75″W x 0.5″T
  • Featured on Shelves: Acrylic Magbox™ Newspaper Holder